Nettie, a native Angeleno, may have grown up tangled in the cotton candy sunsets of Santa Monica; navigating blue skies and coastline drives, but her music is as down-to-earth as dusty drives, where only the sun serves as a compass.

Her soulful lyrics are both haunting and enchanting. Listening to Nettie you can almost feel and taste the mood she sets: her music entrances your senses.

As a listener you are transported - taken away to a bygone era, seated on a crushed velvet settee.

Her music is as tangible as the cool of a silken dress against warm summer-tanned skin. Her lyrics have grit, dimension and an intoxicating quality reminiscent of a cocktail on a veranda, at the end of a languid day.

To hear Nettie is to feel her - to live in the three-dimensional reality she resonates.

Music became Nettie’s crush when she was only 8, immediately bedazzled and transported by “story-songs” - her favorite era of music falling somewhere in the mid-1900s. Nettie started early in her study of the greats - from The Beatles to Bowie, Bob Dylan to Hank Williams, evident in all her original art.

Music that has both the gravity to ground you, and the wingspan to set you free - this is - Nettie.

Nettie is a delicate dance between the “then” and the “now”. Wise beyond her years, and utterly alluring in her siren songs.

Let the universality of her music pull you in, and the gritty sting of her lyrics beckon you to stay.